Environmental Policy

EDSS Sanitation Solutions is committed to environmental operations that foster a sustainable future and lead to improvements in the communities where we do business.

We Commit To:

  • Comply with local, provincial, and national environmental regulations and other applicable environmental requirements;
  • Continue to look for ways to protect our national resources by implementing programs and procedures to ensure minimal impact.  We will seek to prevent environmental impacts before they are created, and re-use and recycle whenever possible.  We strive to prevent releases to the atmosphere, land, and water;
  • Continuously evaluate the impact of our operations and services on the environment;
  • Recognize the impact of water as a critical natural resource and an essential ingredient in the cleaning and sanitation industry.  We Commit to efficient use of all-natural resources including water to minimize waste generation through the efforts that include recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution;
  • Integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making process such as preceding of the application of green cleaning chemicals (Ecologo or EPA certified chemicals) in all of our divisions;
  • Use of innovations and technologies to minimize our environmental footprint such as cutting-edge electronic project management systems to increase the efficiency of our daily operations and promote paperless administration;
  • Find ways to reduce and eliminate paper use where possible.  for example, we use double-sided printing as default and extend our paper waste reduction efforts to our customers by offering paperless, fully integrated electronic project management systems;
  • Recycling of waste materials such as paper, aluminum, cans, glass, plastics, organics, toner cartridges, and batteries where applicable in our office buildings;
  • Preceding of reusable (micro-fibers where applicable)  cleaning cloths in all of our divisions;
  • Continuously provide environmental training information to employees and contractors to promote environmental awareness on the job as well as communicate our environmental commitment and the efforts to our customer’s staff and community;
  • Work continually to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system, to enhance our environmental performance, and reduce any environmental impacts by setting this policy to reduce these impacts.
  • Provide adequate resources, including personnel, to establish, document, implement and maintain environmental programs that will meet the objectives of this policy.

Use Green Certified Products Whenever Feasible

  • Products that attain LEED or Ecologo certification will be used to perform day to day cleaning as long as performance and customer satisfaction is not jeopardized.

Evaluate New Products and Procedures as They Become Available

  • As new chemical technologies are developed such as Bio-Chemistry, EDSS Sanitation Solutions will test and evaluate their performance based on improving customer satisfaction and or lessening negative impact on the environment.
  • New Cleaning Procedures such as microfibre are evaluated for their ability to reduce chemical waste while improving appearance.
  • Automated Cleaning Equipment that reduces water consumption and chemicals is an on-going focus.

Develop and Maintain Sustainable Programs that are Catered to the Client, While Minimizing Negative Effects on the Environment

  • Reducing water consumption, reducing chemical waste, improving cleaning techniques, utilizing efficient equipment, using only recycled paper products and employee training are all part of the EDSS Sanitation Solutions ongoing efforts towards environmental responsibility.

Let’s Work Together!

The joint efforts of your company with our EDSS Sanitation Solutions team aim towards providing a solution that is best suited to your company’s needs.