About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2007 with the simple idea of taking food plant sanitation services to the next level, EDSS Sanitation Solutions has rapidly grown into a fully integrated commercial cleaning company, serving a large number of customers and industries.  Our customers range from ready-to-eat food manufacturing facilities, slaughtering facilities, large office buildings of over 50,000+ square feet, and even your local small business or restaurant.

with over 400 employees, we take pride in providing cutting edge service and program to make sure noting is left out.  Additionally,  our experience in the food manufacturing industry, we were able to bring the same level of attention to detail to all our other divisions.  Allowing us to rapidly increase our service offering in order for our customers to use one service provider for all their cleaning needs, indoors and outdoors.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to setting standards of excellence in the industry by providing our customers with a proactive approach for their sanitation needs, and to stand above the competition by providing exceptional service and unparalleled support.

Our Commitment

In a rapidly changing and evolving industry, EDSS Sanitation Solutions has maintained its culture of quality and efficiency throughout the years.  By understanding that the standards within the cleaning industry are constantly changing and vary from customer to customer,  EDSS strives to offer the top level of services with its practices and procedures.

Why Companies Choose Us

In a rapidly changing industry, EDSS has maintained its culture of quality and efficiency since day one.  Our company is structured to deliver consistent high-quality services that are designed to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations.  When you partner with EDSS, we work behind the scenes to solve any problems that might exist, perfect your facility’s reputation and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Modern Technology

We utilize modern technology and equipment to provide a simpler, more efficient and transparent service.

Reliable Service

Building long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers is and will always be in our core value.

Forward Thinking

We take pride in pushing the boundaries and being ahead of the competition in every aspect of our business.

Continuous Improvement

With every inspection performed, and facility cleaned our team is always looking to make the next one better.

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The joint efforts of your company with our EDSS Sanitation Solutions team aim towards providing a solution that is best suited to your company’s needs.