Food Division

Food Division Commercial Cleaning

Outsourcing your sanitation program to EDSS Sanitation Solutions allows you to focus on what you need to focus on, Production.

Using EDSS Sanitation Solutions to outsource your Sanitation needs has benefits:

  1. Over 25 years of experience
  2. Food processing plant cleaning is our core-competency
  3. Dedicated employee safety training, monitoring and enforcement of all sanitation safety
  4. Documented service reporting that covers operations, food safety and employee safety
  5. Transparent program to communicate with clients
  6. Smart-phone connected management team for immediate communication and feedback

Doing this will allow you to:

  1. Reduce staffing and HR workload for your sanitation program
  2. Minimize your liability and exposure to employee accidents
  3. Eliminate variable costs
  4. Minimize costly downtime related to sanitation

We at EDSS Sanitation Solutions take our food safety and responsibility seriously. We believe that food safety begins with a clean plant. The sanitation process is pivotal in protecting your brand and your customers. It is our responsibility to deliver the production floor that will produce a safe, wholesome product.

Every site documentation typically includes:

  • On-going Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training
  • SSOP procedures
  • Complete Master Sanitation Schedules
  • Chemical and sanitizer documentation
  • Documented pre-op and corrective actions
  • On-site training on food safety

Seamless Transition

Before we implement our sanitation services at your facility, we work through the following process with you to make sure that we fully understand your sanitation needs.

Schedule an on-site meeting at your facility to understand more about your operation

A comprehensive site assessment is performed

We will look at opportunities and make initial recommendations where we believe we can make an impact on your operation from a quality perspective

Once our site assessment is complete, we draft and present a comprehensive proposal to your management team

New Plant Start Up

During start-up transition we will have experienced support staff on-site to ensure that following:

Possible hurdles to the changeover were properly anticipated
Disruptions to the sanitation process are minimized
Your production schedule is unaffected

We know CFIA auditors require many things as they observe the sanitation process. Our standards that we have set up in our system for daily practices, meet their expectations. These daily practices allow for zero or minimal point deductions during the auditing process.

Sanitation Documentation

EDSS Sanitation Solutions is transparent in all documentation, be it deviations, non-daily tasks, master sanitation schedules, SSOP's or employee training. This allows us to show clients that all the information they need about us and our employees, their sanitation needs, is being met every time.

Client Cost savings

With having EDSS Sanitation Solutions, we help our clients save in areas they never thought they could in the sanitation process. The sanitation process goes through many steps throughout and could affect our clients bottom line if they are not performed right.

  • Inefficient cleaning practices
  • Equitable job distribution
  • Water and energy waste
  • Damaged equipment
  • Dry pick-up
  • Equipment and production step up