About US

About Us


Innovation and Technology

We use new technology that allows us to be transparent with our customers. The program holds our staff accountable, improves visibility, and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. The program helps us make sure we increase speed of correcting deviations, improves collaboration with our customers and our employees. The programs centralize all notes, comments, files and information in one location that is accessible across any browser, device and operating system. The results are real-time collaboration which streamlines communication, empowers our clients and employees and drives efficiencies. We use this program to make sure all our supervisors and employees can check off a to do list, see any issues that arise from the previous day and how to correct it.

We use our schedule system to help us make sure our employees are on site when they need to be by signing in and out. Our scheduling system allows us to inform our employees of any time changes instantly and we are able to GPS locate our employees while they are working.

Corrective Action Reporting

All deviations are addressed by our crew supervisor on a daily basis while our Operation Manager oversees them and signs off on them daily, so that nothing is left and all is corrected by the next day.

Our Supervisors, Operation Manager and Area Manager meet with all clients weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to communicate and discuss any questions in order to get our customers feedback to direct our crew to fix or improve the processes.

Exceeding Expectations of Excellence Every time

Never before has a company promise for contamination control been more critical in the food industry, than in today’s climate. The potentially devastating effects to a company and its consumers of infections and contaminations have heightened the need for a new standard in cleaning, sanitation and hygiene. At EDSS we will deliver our e4 promise through:

Listening intently to our customers to understand their needs and requirements

Taking total responsibility of as many aspects of operations and contract management as required to meet your company needs

Bringing flexibility, versatility, fast response and cost effective solutions through a network of experienced staff and management

24 Hour monitoring of quality standards to produce a service that reflects all the special requirements demanded by each individual customer.

Company Mission


'We are dedicated to setting standards of excellence in the industry by providing our customers with a proactive approach for their sanitation needs and to stand above the competition by providing exceptional service and unparalleled support.'